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Reflections on the People’s Vote March, October 19th, 2019

Yesterday, Saturday 19th October 2019, I marched in London for ‘A People’s Vote’. Because I think that a second vote is democratically necessary, and because I want the chance of the UK staying in an EU which, for all its obvious (but remediable) faults, is vastly better for its member states than the greater subjection to the US which is the alternative.

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Russian Actor Vassily Livanov MBE’s Open Letter to the People of Britain

Russian Sherlock Homes actor Vassily Livanov MBE today published an open letter to the people of Britain, critiquing the current anti-Russian hysteria. He had offered it to The Guardian, which declined to print it; fittingly, then, it was published by the OffGuardian instead. I share its sentiments entirely.

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This 2017 study by Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev of an acrimoniously-divorcing middle-class Muscovite couple, and the disappearance of and search for their desperately neglected son, is brilliant and wise. Some Western critics of the film have, however, read it through the lens of the currently-dominant Russophobia, and in doing so have placed on it a political weight that it cannot bear.

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Deconstructing Russophobia

This post is the text of a talk which I gave at the 6/20 discussion society today in London, and which I hope to develop and publish elsewhere.

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