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Free The Truth: Academics and Journalists speak out for Julian Assange, London, 28th November 2019

On 28th November 2019 St Pancras New Church, London, was filled by around five hundred people to hear several distinguished academics and journalists speak in defence of Julian Assange: Deepa Driver (organiser), Lowkey (rapper), Lissa Johnson (clinical psychologist), Fidel Narvaez (former Ecuadorian diplomat), Lisa Longstaff (spokesperson for Women Against Rape), Mark Curtis (historian and journalist), Nils Melzer (UN Special Rapporteur on Torture), Craig Murray (former UK diplomat, blogger and historian), and John Pilger (investigative journalist). This is my write-up of the evening.

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Whataboutism in the Gulag

A few weeks ago I visited one of the only Gulag memorial sites – Perm-36 in the Urals. In the company of my English friends, I tried to work out what I – and we – were doing there.

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Helen Bamber

Helen Bamber, founder of the Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, died 21st August 2014. I recollect the one time I heard her speak.

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