Catherine Brown

Journey Without Shame

March 2014


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This sixty minute BBC2 Culture Show special concerns D.H. Lawrence’s ‘honeymoon’ journey with Frieda Weekley across the Alps from Bavaria to Italy in the summer of 1912. The programme was made to mark the 2013 centenary of the novel, Sons and Lovers, which Lawrence finished during the winter of 1912-13 in Gargnano on Lake Garda. It traces how this journey marked Lawrence’s decisive break from England and teaching, and the beginning of his travelling life with Frieda and as a writer. His later travels in Mexico and New Mexico are also investigated.

Clips from the programme may be seen here.

Please find my Financial Times article about the experience of filming here.

Co-presenters Geoff Dyer and Catherine Brown.

Writer, director and producer, Rupert Edwards.



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