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Free The Truth: Academics and Journalists speak out for Julian Assange, London, 28th November 2019

On 28th November 2019 St Pancras New Church, London, was filled by around five hundred people to hear several distinguished academics and journalists speak in defence of Julian Assange: Deepa Driver (organiser), Lowkey (rapper), Lissa Johnson (clinical psychologist), Fidel Narvaez (former Ecuadorian diplomat), Lisa Longstaff (spokesperson for Women Against Rape), Mark Curtis (historian and journalist), Nils Melzer (UN Special Rapporteur on Torture), Craig Murray (former UK diplomat, blogger and historian), and John Pilger (investigative journalist). This is my write-up of the evening.

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DH Lawrence in Paris in 1929

  For the last three years, Robert Bullock – an English member of the DH Lawrence Society, who lives with his French wife in Paris – has been trying to get a new plaque to DH Lawrence erected in France.

A Journey through China and Malaysia

My summer holiday this year was a week in Shanghai (and Suzhou and Nanjing) followed by a week in Kuala Lumpur (and Melaka and Kuching, Borneo). I was dazzled and occasionally culture-shocked and for the first time began to understand the Second World War in the East.

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What is Good Sex Writing?

Jonathan Coe’s 1994 masterpiece ‘What a Carve Up!’ shows how to do sex writing – and why it is difficult.

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Dog-Walking With the Dead

Being taken daily by my dogs to a cemetery prompts some thoughts on Victorian, and modern, ways of death.

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The Euro-Debate’s Missing Factor: the USA

Arguments for Bremain or Brexit – and especially the latter – are incomplete if they do not set out a vision for the future of the US-UK ‘Special Relationship’.

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Lady Ottoline Morrell

This piece was written for the student newspaper of New College of the Humanities, The Anchor, December 2014, following a talk which I gave to the College’s academic salon, the Ottoline Club, in November 2014.

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