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DH Lawrence in Paris in 1929

  For the last three years, Robert Bullock – an English member of the DH Lawrence Society, who lives with his French wife in Paris – has been trying to get a new plaque to DH Lawrence erected in France.

A Journey through China and Malaysia

My summer holiday this year was a week in Shanghai (and Suzhou and Nanjing) followed by a week in Kuala Lumpur (and Melaka and Kuching, Borneo). I was dazzled and occasionally culture-shocked and for the first time began to understand the Second World War in the East.

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What is Good Sex Writing?

Jonathan Coe’s 1994 masterpiece ‘What a Carve Up!’ shows how to do sex writing – and why it is difficult.

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Dog-Walking With the Dead

Being taken daily by my dogs to a cemetery prompts some thoughts on Victorian, and modern, ways of death.

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The Euro-Debate’s Missing Factor: the USA

Arguments for Bremain or Brexit – and especially the latter – are incomplete if they do not set out a vision for the future of the US-UK ‘Special Relationship’.

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Lady Ottoline Morrell

This piece was written for the student newspaper of New College of the Humanities, The Anchor, December 2014, following a talk which I gave to the College’s academic salon, the Ottoline Club, in November 2014.

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