Programme 2019-20


Friday 20th September Hugh Stevens ‘A Propos of Lady Chatterley’s Lover


Thursday 24th October Stephen Alexander The Red-trousered Philosopher: D. H. Lawrence and the Revolt into Style’
Friday 22nd November Maria Thanassa Sardonic Paganism: D. H.

Lawrence and the Figure of Pan

Friday 13th December Play reading The Windowing of Mrs Holroyd
Thursday 23rd January Marina Ragachevskaya Lawrence in Belarus and Russia
Thursday 27th February Dudley Nichols Lawrencean Locations
Thursday 19th March Terry Gifford The Plumed Serpent and Ecology
Friday 24th April Adam Lang Sardinia and ‘The Spirit of

Place’, 1921 & 2021

Friday 22nd May Stefania Michelucci D.H. Lawrence’s Representations

of Ancient Italy and the Rise of European Totalitarian Regimes

Thursday 25th June Visit to the Cearne (TBC)