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Theodore Stephanides and ‘Lili Marlene’

Theodore Stephanides encountered the widely-popular German love song ‘Lili Marlene’ when serving with the British Eighth Army, which took Tripoli from the German Afrika Korp in 1943. In two papers that I’ve found in my cellar, he transcribed his discovery.

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A world tour in shop signs on the Kilburn High Road

A photo essay of businesses on my local high road – Kilburn in North West London – demonstrating the area’s extreme multiculturalism. As of November 2020, during the Coronavirus lockdown.

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Fragile Peace in Derry, 2019

Between 20th and 22nd March 2019 I visited Derry, Northern Ireland, in order to attend the speaker event ‘Imperialism on Trial’ held on 21st March in the Guildhall. In just two days, my sympathy towards, and knowledge of, Ireland and its North were transformed.


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