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Veganism and Modernism

I am currently working on a chapter for the forthcoming Edinburgh Companion to Vegan Literary Studies edited by Emelia Quinn and Laura Wright. In researching it, I came to a few surprising conclusions about the history of concern for animals over the past two centuries in the UK.

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Tea with ‘Jessie Chambers’

In 1939 an eight-year-old Czech Jewish girl, who had recently arrived on one of the last Kindertransport trains to leave Czechoslovakia, was invited for tea by the wife of the headmaster of her new primary school in Nottingham. It was Jessie Wood, nee Chambers, D.H. Lawrence’s close childhood friend. Jessie died five years later at the age of fifty-seven. Eve Leadbeater, nee Pragerova, is fortunately still alive today, and active in campaigning for the UK to accept more unaccompanied child refugees.

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