D.H. Lawrence Homo Religiosus

This review was published in the Journal of the D.H. Lawrence Studies, Vol. 3, No. 2 (2013), 179-188, and is reproduced here as an unedited version.

D.H. Lawrence Homo Religiosus


This review of Luke Ferretter’s The Glyph and the Gramophone: D.H. Lawrence’s Religion (London: Broomsbury Academic, 2013) praises Ferretter’s book for its clarity, economy, the seriousness with which it treats Lawrence’s seeking, and its emphatic classification of Lawrence as ‘homo religiosus’. It notes that its brevity has necessitated some simplification of the stance of works in which a range of positions are articulated, that prior knowledge of Christanity and Lawrence’s early engagement with it would assist the reader, and that the humour with which Lawrence at times treats religion is underplayed. It concludes that this is a serious contribution to our understanding of this central aspect of Lawrence’s life and work.


The book's publisher's website

The book’s publisher’s website